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Applying to college was straightforward a generation ago. You filled out a form, your school contributed your class rank and standardized test results, you may have written a brief essay, and you received a response in the spring. Of course, nowadays there’s a lot more to it than that. Here are a few reasons why you should hire someone to help you with an admission consultant for top us school.

Every year, schools become more competitive

You’re probably aware of this fact if you’re reading this website. Acceptance rates at elite colleges and universities have dropped dramatically in recent decades, with admission rates at the top schools now sitting in the low single digits, while admission rates at slightly lower-ranked schools remain in the 10-30 percent range. The causes are twofold: more kids are applying to college, and each student is submitting more applications, owing to the simplicity of submitting multiple applications using web interfaces like the Common Application.

admission consultant for top us school

With so many apps to choose from, it’s more difficult than ever to stand out. Having a knowledgeable college admissions adviser on your side may help you understand what colleges are looking for and how to portray yourself in the best light. The greatest method to get into a highly selective institution is to know what works.

Counselors for guidance are overworked

Many parents of high school children inquire about the differences between an admissions consultant and a guidance counselor. While high school guidance counselors work exceedingly hard and are vital to their schools, they are unable to place a higher priority on assisting good students in navigating the college admissions process or becoming more competitive candidates. Counselors just do not have the time or experience, regardless of how outstanding their public or private school is.

Even at private schools, college counselors primarily assist rising seniors and do not offer advice on extracurriculars, summer activities, or strategy. You should explore outside of school for someone who will strengthen your overall candidate profile.

A valuable high school education

Admissions advisers also assist students in making the most of their time in high school. The open secret about college admissions is that the things colleges look for in students engaged extracurricular engagement, excellent marks in difficult subjects, significant volunteerism are also the things that make high school more enjoyable and gratifying. An excellent admissions consultant will introduce you to a variety of options that will enhance your high school experience and are customized to your interests.