What kind of work does an electrician do?

Electricians work daily with formulas and use tried and tested installation concepts for the safe design of building technology. More and more often electricians are working on the computer and digitally recording installation plans and energy concepts.

The employment opportunities after the apprenticeship are diverse and go beyond pure craft businesses. For example, electrical repairs in Lexington, KY are wanted in the real estate industry and facility management. Furthermore, companies in the service industry employ trained specialists.

Through continuous further training and specialization in certain fields, electricians can significantly increase electricians job opportunities in the long term. Electricians with a master craftsman’s certificate, for example, have the best career opportunities, as they can also set up their own business.

Installation and design of electrical systems and components, such as sewage or heating systems, thermal power plants, robots in electrical engineering systems and production lines that use high voltage as a drive source.

  • Repairs and maintenance of technical equipment and systems
  • Elimination of technical malfunctions
  • Installation of energy and information lines as well as line routing systems
  • Configuration, testing and programming of electrical systems and their safety devices
  • Handover of new systems to the users
  • Instruction in the operation of systems
  • Customer service
  • Attaching lights
  • Assembly of switch boxes

Further training for electricians

Various further training courses are available to electricians so that electricians can consolidate positions in the company in the long term:

For example, electricians can opt for further training in the field of aeronautical systems, during which electricians acquire important specialist knowledge. Further training and specializations in telecommunications and information technology are also available. If electricians would later prefer to work on large industrial machines, many recommend further training in the machine and drive technology.

For work on medical and so-called precision devices, many recommend further training to become an electronics technician for devices and systems and even electricians can undertake these training courses directly after training, but electricians can also do it later. There is the opportunity to carry out this training alongside the job.

Electricians have several opportunities to gain additional qualifications and advance to a higher position. On the one hand, the examination to become a master electrical engineer can be taken or a specialization in a certain subject can be acquired. A degree paves the way for further career or professional opportunities by doing a bachelor’s degree in building technology or electrical engineering.