Essential Facts About APK Store Online

The good news is, you don’t have to worry about it. The we host on our site are already downloaded and installed on your device. It gets installed in a particular place called the app folder by your operating system. What goes in there? Well, that depends on your operating system. Generally speaking, it’s the same thing on all devices: several folders and some files. But you’ll need to look up your device’s guide online to find exactly where these things go on your Android device.


There are several essential things you can find in an app folder. First is the APK file, which tells the system some basic things about your app and where to find stuff in it. You should not touch this XML file or do anything to change it – ever. You shouldn’t move it around or rename it because if it’s not there, your app won’t work correctly and may crash when you launch it from your home screen or the App Drawer.


There are also the files you wrote in the Java programming language, like your source code files. These are very important to you because they contain all the code that makes your app work. You will heavily use the file called because it’s like a blueprint for the screens you’ll see in a running app.


You will probably have other activities, too (think of them as sub-activities), and they’ll also be in this folder. They’re written in much more detail than MainActivity, and you’ll use them specifically when you want to do different things or go to different places within your app. You should not rename these files, either – if possible, it is best not to change their order or location.