What to select to clean

The same can be said for weight , as it affects handling as well as transport from one room to another or from one floor to another in the house. The presence or absence of a power cordit constitutes a further element to evaluate the quality of the washer-dryer. Most of the models are equipped with a cable that allows a variable range of action, while others are real battery-powered scrubbers, thus allowing much greater mobility. The length of the cable is important because it affects the time taken to complete the cleaning: a very short wire will force you to change the electrical socket often enough, vice versa a sufficiently long one will allow good freedom of movement and continuous work sessions.

As this is a tool to be used for a long time, the handle is also quite relevantto ensure comfortable use. Some models are equipped with a reclining rod, which helps to reach hidden points under the furniture and adapt to your posture construction cleaning services in Charlotte.

The brush

The component that needs to be considered more carefully when choosing a device of this kind, however, is undoubtedly the brush . The quality of cleaning and the ability to treat surfaces of different nature depend on the latter, but also the ability to move with agility among the furniture.

The size and shape of the base vary depending on the model, as does the actual brush, often equipped with rollers in microfibre or other materials to scrub the floor thoroughly. The best devices also have a self-cleaning function of the rollers to avoid lowering the level of performance during use.

Power and power

The second decisive factor for choosing a scrubber dryer is that relating to its electrical power and the type of power supply it has. This aspect affects the performance both in terms of vacuuming and cleaning the surfaces.

Corded models typically have higher power and offer higher standards for vacuuming intensity, drying effectiveness and roller speed for washing. As these devices have a higher consumption, the medium-high range products are usually designed to save energy even compared to common vacuum cleaners.Some models even have an auto power off function, which is activated after a certain time of inactivity, avoiding unnecessary waste. The electric power of cable scrubbers is usually expressed in watts : a value to always keep an eye on to limit the cost of your bill. In this sense it is possible to find useful information on the energy label of the product, which certifies the class it belongs to, helping to evaluate its efficiency in terms of consumption and performance.